The Advantages of Using Sulfate Free Shampoo

Because shampoos that do not contain sulfate are as mild as baby shampoos, you can liberate your scalp from irritations. After a few washes, you will notice the difference between these two kinds of shampoos. If you are currently experiencing itchy and inflamed scalp, chances are your skin is sensitive to sulfate. Consider using a different brand and make sure that it is sulfate free.

Sulfate is a detergent that can reduce the quality of the strands when it goes into the hair follicles. As a result, your hair becomes brittle and becomes prone to breaking. This can lead to an increase in hair fall. In addition, since sulfate is present in the follicles, they will have a hard time producing healthy strands to replace those that have fallen. Significantly, the volume of your hair will be reduced. You can prevent this from happening by using sulfate free shampoo.

If you love to color your hair, you will love sulfate free shampoos, too. Because they are mild, they do not remove hair dye. Sulfate is the chemical that can cause hair color to fade. Using shampoo that is free of sulfate will prolong the color of your hair.

When the hair strand is not covered by enough natural oil, it has a tendency to curve away from the strand next to it. Moreover, if a considerable number of hair strands lack oil, your hair will become frizzy. And remember, sulfate can strip grease from a car engine so it can strip away natural oil from your hair. Sulfate free shampoo can solve this by retaining the oil in the hair strands. In summary, sulfate free shampoo reduces frizzing.

According to studies, sulfate can be absorbed by the liver. When this happens, sulfate mimics the behavior of estrogens in the body. Furthermore, sulfate may contain 1.4-dioxane – a substance that EPA deems as a potential carcinogen. Extensive studies that prove sulfate as carcinogenic are yet to be conducted proving whether sulfate is carcinogenic or not may take another year. But using sulfate-based shampoos until the theory is proven has risks that are not worth taking. You can start using sulfate free shampoos and have healthy scalp and hair with no worries today.

The only drawback of sulfate free shampoos is they are expensive compared to your average shampoo. Nevertheless, it is just reasonable because it has special ingredients that are friendlier to your health and the environment. And they are not at all hard to find so there is no reason for you not to have shift to sulfate free shampoo.