Why Regular Shampoo Has Sulfate?

Due to the competitive shampoo industry globally, most of the shampoo manufacturers will use the most profitable ingredients without compromising the essence of their products. This brings the scenario of having a regular shampoo that is full of chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. For instance, Sulfate, also known as Laureth Sulfate has been a regular component in our daily shampoo because it is the agent that responsible for the production of froth not only in shampoos, but in soaps and cosmetics as well.

Sulfate is also been widely used by most regular shampoo manufacturers because it is inexpensive, meaning, they can save money in making the products and make more out of them. This signifies that if they are to invest small capital producing regular shampoos, they can also sell it to the market with a comparatively lower price compared to their competitors. If the market noticed that they have lower prices, the chances of them buying that brand are high. However, most of these shampoo consumers are the ones who do not care about the shampoo’s content and ingredients.

Shampoos contain Sulfate because it is a detergent and used as a bubbling or foaming agent as well as for building up viscosity in cosmetic products. Sulfate has low salt content, it has been used in the manufacture of products that have are high in sodium chloride. Who would not want a foaming shampoo? The first thing you will have in mind if you have a shampoo that produces low suds is either you have problems in your hair or the shampoo is not that effective. Either way, the probability of the consumer to use that same shampoo brand again is close to zero. And, shampoo manufacturers will not surely like this to happen.

Sulfate is primarily used because of its ability to strip of the oils and dirt from the hair as well as from the scalp, which is effective in cleansing. The hair and the scalp produces natural oils everyday which are good because they serves as protection against pollution however, when not removed, these natural oils will grow densely and attract more dirt and other particles, making the hair and scalp, dirty and itchy. The use of Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in shampoos is effective in removing the natural oils, which makes the hair and scalp clean, and dirt free.

As a foaming or bubbling agent, sulfate is used in shampoos in order to lather the product into the hair, thus, easier to clean and remove dirt. Sulfate in shampoos also make the hair feel more cleaned and fresh.

Although, the role of Sulfate in regular shampoos seems so important, extensive researches show that Sulfate has a tendency to make the hair dry out and there is a chance of stripping its natural colors in the long run. The hair and cosmetics industry are shocked with these revelation that is why the demand for a Sulfate-free shampoos is getting higher every year.