Why Use Paraben Free and Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Shampoos are one of the most widely utilized cosmetic products that are used for hair care. Most people, especially women rely very much on shampoos for the health of their hair, however, there are certain chemicals used in shampoos that give negative effects to the body. Instead of achieving a healthy hair you want, your shampoo might hurt you even more.

Paraben, for an instance, is a chemical substance that is used not only in shampoos but in the majority of cosmetic products as well. Paraben acts as preservatives such that it inhibits bacterial growth of the products, thus, prolonging their shelf life. Aside from this, Paraben is also inexpensive, which is an advantage. However, recently, Paraben has been found out to increase the levels of estrogen, which can cause breast cancers. A study was made and it revealed the ability of Paraben to attach to the receptors of estrogen, which results to responses that are similar to that of estrogens. This happens when Paraben comes in contact to or injected to the skin. Paraben copies bodily hormones and causes interruption in the performance of the endocrine system. Paraben can also contribute to the early upshot of puberty, and it can enlarge the breasts and testicles of young boys. Aside from that, Paraben also contributes to hair and scalp problems such as deterioration of the hair follicles by removing the protective cuticle, making the hair dull and brittle.

However, there were little information in this single study, thus, the findings were doubted and are not taken very seriously. There were studies that also proved the use of Paraben to be safe.

Another chemical used on shampoos is Sulfate, which is effective in attracting then breaking of dirt on the hair and scalp. However, studies also showed that the addition of Sulfate in cosmetics could cause certain damages to the body such as eye damage, which can lead to blindness in small children. Other than that, Sulfate can also cause to irritate the skin due to its ability to penetrate and ruin skin barriers. Sulfate has been found out to be toxic and carcinogenic. It also causes hair loss and hair thinning because it deteriorates the follicles of the hair, and slows the growth of hair.

Because of the results of the studies on such chemicals, most people are now gearing towards Paraben-free and Sulfate-free products. Manufacturers of Paraben free shampoos use alternative preservatives like extract from grapefruit seed, vitamin E, Sorbic Acid or Germall Plus, which are organic and natural

The use of shampoo products that are free from Paraben and Sulfate are a healthier and a safer way in caring for your hair and scalp. Even though there are no hard evidences on the risks of using Paraben, still, it would not hurt to go for a more natural or organic shampoo. Shampoos that are free from Sulfate and Paraben actually make the hair and scalp healthier and moisturized. Thus, moisture is one of the most important things that our hair needs.